Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Club and Pinterest

So if you're like me, you have become completely obsessed with Pinterest.  My Internet browsing has taken on a whole new direction - I'm now asking myself if an image, idea, or project is "pin" worthy!  The website allows you to create design boards of all your favorite things.  You can find your own images, or repin someone else's design idea, project, or style.  The boards allow you to organize your favorites so that you can categorize all similar ideas in one place.  Rather than saving a picture you find online to your computer, you're able to store and sort the ideas you stumble upon in one convenient place.  It's stored online, so you don't take up space on your computer, and you can share your fun discoveries with others.

I've mentioned it before (specifically HERE and HERE), but we would love to build a house on our land someday.  Although it won't be anytime in the near future, I'm constantly thinking about the different design elements and styles in our someday house.  So, I've started a few boards on my Pinterest, categorized by rooms, to save ideas and designs that I find between now and when we begin construction.  As new styles and trends develop, I'm sure my dream house ideas will change.  The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that I can edit those ever-changing "must haves" along the way!  To be honest, I'm not sure how long this website has been available.  It may be a new thing, or I may have just now discovered it.  Either way, it's definitely worth checking out!

Maybe it's the fact that I've started this blog, or even that I've been reading several creative blogs lately, but it seems as though DIY (do-it-yourself) crafts and projects are making a comeback.  Or, maybe it's my thriftier, less-is-more attitude, but DIY projects are actually kind of cool now - and I'm seeing some great ways to create decorative and useful things in a much cheaper way.  And, with blogs, we (bloggers) are able to share those ideas by providing tutorials and photos, that allow those who lack creative genes to flourish in the DIY world.  It gives us hope to see so many ideas out there!

Some of the most beautiful, and most treasured, things in my home are drawings, paintings, and personal items that can't be purchased.  I love pretty and creative things, but I've never claimed to be a creative person.  I have my moments, but all in all, I need some direction.  I have several projects on my 'to do' list, and through Pinterest, that DIY list has grown.

Here are some fun DIY project ideas on my list:

Embroidery hoop made into a Christmas card holder

Pringles can turned holiday cookie tin

Drop cloth rosette pillow, or wreath, or headband...
No sew grommet curtains
Balloon birthday wreath
Yarn dipped in watered down glue, cover a balloon and once yarn is dry, pop the balloon.  Darling party decoration!
Mossy letters - for the mantel or front door
Flower pillow
I'm inspired - are you?  I would love to make some, or even all, of these DIY projects in the near future.  I better hurry, too, because I'm sure I'll keep adding to my list.

But, here is what I'm thinking...  I know I have some creative friends, crafty neighbors and fellow DIY wanna be's out there.  I think we should all join forces and help each other!  Once a month, we could get together with one DIY project in mind.  Rotating each month, one person would serve as our instructor.  They would be in charge of the craft/project and would be responsible for sending out the required supply list.  The group will gather their supplies prior to the scheduled time, so that once we meet we are ready to go!  As our group gains confidence in their own DIY skills, we can come up with new ideas to share.  Even if we get together and make gingerbread houses during the holidays, it would be a fun, no-pressure girls night.  I know I always welcome a night with the girls!

Please think about it, and I'm open to additional thoughts and ideas!  If you see this post, and are interested, please let me know.  Leave a comment, or email me!



  1. OMG Regan!! I have no idea what I'm doing on Pinterest! I need "directions" :) Also, I so wish we lived closer to each other because I LOVE your DIY club idea....I might have to steal it!

  2. What a fun idea! I made that balloon wreath for Jack's birthday this year and it was so cute- everyone loved it!


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