Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogger Spotlight... Julie LeClercq

My friend, Julie LeClercq, is one of the sweetest, smartest ladies I know.  And, she is a fellow mom of mutliples.  She and her husband, Manny, have darling 2-year old triplets!!  Please check out her blog,

Question #1:  How do you take your coffee? 
With flavored creamer, but if that's not available, sugar and milk

Question #2:  How long have you been blogging? 
Since the day we announced we were pregnant with triplets

Question #3:  When you first began blogging, what did you hope to accomplish with your blog?  How, if any, have your blog goals shifted as you've become more experienced? 
At first the blog was intended to keep family and friends informed about our pregnancy.  Now, the blog is a mixture of keeping friends and family informed of what's going on with our family, sort of baby book/memory book type thing for my kids, and also a goal of helping others- whether it be through our infertility story, higher order multiples, etc.

Question #4:  Red wine, white wine, or depends on the occasion, meal, etc.? 
All wine, often.   But, I stick to red with meat and white with seafood and fish.  I also like red in the winter and white in the summer.

Question #5:  Ultimate vacation spot?  Is this somewhere you've been, or hope to visit someday? 
Italy.  I've been and it's my favorite country.  There are plenty of places I hope to visit one day though.

Question #6:  Cheez-its or Cheese Nips? 
Hmm, don't do a lot of either.  Cheez-its.

Question #7:  Describe the perfect date night with your hubby. 
Dinner at a fancy restaurant (Ludivine, The Ranch, Coach House) discussing the details of each of our dishes, maybe a drink or two at a wine bar, and then staying the night in a hotel with no monitor in our ear and the opportunity to sleep in the next morning.

Question #8:  If you could invite one celebrity, past or present, to dinner, who would you invite and why? 
Oprah- She's fascinating and has done so much for so many.  

Question #9:  What is your favorite charitable organization? 
March of Dimes- I start my new job with them next week!

Question #10:  Name three things that you are passionate about in life. 
My family, children in general, and food.

Question #11:  If you could spend the day by yourself, with no phone, email, carpool, errands, etc., how would you spend your day? 
A massage and pedicure, a nap, and reading a book with a nice glass of wine.  

Question #12:  What advice would you give to someone that has just begun blogging? 
Blog often or people lose interest.  I don't blog often enough!

Question #13:  What is one of your favorite family traditions? 
Having gumbo on Christmas Eve- a little unique and ties our family to our Louisiana heritage.

Question #14:  Name three baby items that you thought you had to have pre-kids, but now that you've had kids, realize you didn't really need.  Name three baby must-haves.
Must haves: boppy, monitor, lovey
Not necessary:   car seat positioner/accessories (just use blankets), bottle warmer (just use warm water in a cup), wipes warmer

Question #15:  What is your favorite drink from Sonic?
Classic cherry limeaid

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