Sunday, July 31, 2011

A good deed

I did something yesterday for the first time, and it made me feel so good that I thought I would share with the hope that you might be inspired to do the same type of good deed.  Sort of a "pay it forward" type thing.  Speaking of, have you ever heard of going to Starbucks and paying for the car behind you along with your own?  Then, when the car pulls up to the window to pick up their latte, they discover that their drink has already been paid for by an anonymous person.  The idea is that the driver then should pay for the person behind them, and so on...  I know if that ever happens to me, I would certainly pay for the person behind me - how fun! 

My good deed has a similar concept, and I'm anxious to hear if anyone else does what I did yesterday.  Or, maybe it will inspire others to do the same! 

I had the afternoon to myself yesterday, and I had several errands to run.  Groceries, purchase a gift, supplies for an upcoming vacation, a baby shower to attend, etc.  So, while I had limited time for my shopping, I still tried my best to make a list beforehand and apply as many coupons to current store specials as possible.  While I am still couponing and making significant progress in my grocery bills, the biggest thing I've learned is that it takes a considerable amount of time to organize a shopping trip.  For me, this is often difficult unless I do it very early in the morning, or when everyone is asleep at night - the only two times my house is quiet and I can really concentrate, uninterupted.  I stopped by CVS to stock up on some toiletries that were on sale, and decided to buy some diapers as well because the large boxes were on sale and an ECB was awarded when you purchased them.  As I flipped through my diaper coupons, I found my $1.50 off coupon for the diapers and added it to my Transaction #1 envelope.  I also noticed that I had 3 additional coupons with an expiration date of 7/31/11 that I wasn't going to use.  I decided then that if I wasn't able to use them, why not leave them anonymously by the diapers on the shelf for someone to find later in the day.  I spread the three coupons around on different parts of the diaper shelf as if I was hiding Easter eggs and smiled to myself thinking about someone finding them today or tomorrow by surprise!  Then, I remembered that I had a $5 off Enfamil formula coupon in my Baby envelope.  My son is no longer on formula, so if I didn't leave it for someone, it would go unused.  So, I placed it on top of a large can of Enfamil formula!    After all, $5 is $5!  Finally, I bought some paper towels while at CVS.  I found the coupon that applied to the towels I was purchasing, but noticed that another $1 off coupon in my paper goods envelope would go unused.  And so, you guessed it, I placed in on top of the towels for someone else to find and use.

These might sound like silly good deeds, but I know how expensive diapers and formula can be.  When you are watching your pennies, $1 here, or $5 there, really can make a difference.  Hopefully, someone was able to use the coupons, and I just hope that it helped someone that could really use them!

Another cool coincidence...  After CVS, I ran to Homeland for a few things.  One thing on my list was, of course, coffee!  Although it wasn't an ideal price at Homeland, it is on sale this week and I was nearly out.  I also had a coupon for $1/any 2 Folgers products that expired yesterday that I wanted to use.  When I got to the coffee aisle, I glanced down to see that someone had left the same coupon on top of the coffee.  Clearly it was there for someone to find, and I just thought it was so great to know that people do these things!  I already had the coupon, and wasn't planning to buy 4 cans, so I didn't use it.  Hopefully, someone else was able to get the savings on their cups of joe!

Let me know - do you print coupons that you know you won't use, just to leave them by those products in the store for someone to find?  Or, what other good deeds, or "pay it forward" lessons have you experienced or done to help others?  I'm anxious to hear!
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