Saturday, February 26, 2011

Une ferme français s'il vous plaît

Translation:  A French farmhouse, please!

I don't want to live in France, and I don't wish to be a farmer.  But, someday, my dream is to build a french farmhouse.  Most days, I'm scouring online pictures or creating my own imaginary dream design for the home we hope to build someday.  I don't know exactly what elements of the 'french farmhouse' appeal to me the most, or maybe it's just the description itself that conjures up imaginary bliss.  I'm not even sure I could find a perfect picture online that I could copy.  Instead, I think it will someday just be a combination of the elements that I'm drawn to, and with any luck, it will be my perfect depiction of a french farmhouse!  Below are a few ideas of exteriors I like.  Of course, these could, and probably will, change tomorrow. 

Picture #1:  Not a farmhouse, exactly, but very French.  Cozy, uniform, and just looks like somewhere I want to live.  Love the rock wall and bronze gutters.  I bet that fireplace is pretty fantastic, too!

Picture #2:  Whether this is the front entrance or not, can't you just picture adding this to a courtyard somewhere as part of my dream house?  I love it!  Wouldn't you want to have morning, or 5 o'clock, cups of joe on this courtyard?  Heaven!

Pictures #3-5:  Just some elements I think are beautiful - maybe I can add some of these in along the way!

The ceiling beams look very farmhouse-ish, love the open shelving (although this would never work, unless everything was display-only), and the overall rustic kitchen:

Large harvest table, french doors to a courtyard, floor to ceiling curtains, and I love the lantern!

A pretty authentic looking farmhouse!

I'll leave you with the below image.  I think I could really enjoy some nice cups of joe in this outdoor space.  Curled up in a blanket sitting next to a fire...  Sounds pretty fantastic to me!

P.S. New cool google website:  Makes me think I can speak French...  Yeah right! :)

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