Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My love of Joe

I have such fond memories from my childhood of my mom and grandma sitting together to visit over a cup of joe.  Something about that strong aroma and steam coming from the cup made it just look comfortable and delicious! 

When I was young, we lived just 22 minutes from my grandma's house.  Often times, my mom would round up my sister and me and we would drive to Mammy's house.  Undoubtedly, Mammy would start the coffee!  We would probably play, or watch tv, and they would sit and visit, enjoying their cups of joe.  I can picture it so perfectly - Mammy would be curled up in her chair with one leg underneath her, and my mom in the recliner next to her.  They would talk and talk and talk, even if they had already spoken several times earlier that day.  It's just a bond that they had, and I was always envious of how much fun they seemed to have.  It's the same kind of bond that my mom and I now have.  Aside from having many of the same interests, the only conclusion I can come up with is that the common bond between my mom and grandma and now my mom and me is that it must have something to do with the "joe".

I probably started asking for sips around the age of 6.  I probably didn't like it much at first, but I kept asking for more.  I just wanted a part of that magical goodness.  Eventually, I guess I developed a liking for it, and as I got older, I was invited to join in on the conversations with them over cups of joe.

So, today, I start each day with my cup of joe, or two, or three...  Then, I might have more later in the day, with an amazing dessert, with my bubble bath, or to wind down in the evening.  I know, it sounds excessive, but it doesn't seem to affect me.  I have no problems sleeping, and it has more of a calming effect on me.  It's delicious, it's relaxing, and I love it.  CiCi does too, and we now have nearly daily visits over cups of joe.  It's our time, and we usually find something unnecessary, yet delicious, to eat while we have our coffee.  We work hard, and we deserve it!


  1. Can't even talk right now, much less see. It must be the rain coming out of my eyes. I love this, more than you know. Now, if we can just convince T to start liking coffee.....

  2. Well...even though I don't like "joe"...I do like that I was actually mentioned not once, but twice....I also like both of you and I realllllly liked mammy. And her house....and her recliners....and thanks, now I'm really going to cry like I'm 3.

    Oh, and just because I don't like coffee doesn't mean that you can't invite me over for chats......


  3. I love this.... so, the question is.... how to you take your coffee???? My new favorite coffee maker is the Keurig... makes the perfect cup... I put sugar free vanilla lucerne creamer in mine. Every morning! Yum!!!!!

  4. Birdie, I just drink it plain! I've heard of the Keurig, and I've heard it's great!! Every once in a while, like once or twice a month maybe, I'll add some french vanilla creamer to change things up a bit. And, that's only because we have those little individual creamers at my office. But, for the most part, I just drink it black.

    Thanks for reading, and commenting! I'd love for you to follow my blog as I continue to learn. The comments help to motivate, and provoke, additional posts!!

  5. Laughing right now, because I'm just figuring out who you are, Birdie! Jess, sorry to answer so vaguely before - the name threw me. I have to say, though, now I'm slightly bummed. I thought someone worldwide had 'discovered' my blog :) Nevertheless, thanks for the comments - keep them coming! Miss you!


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