Friday, May 6, 2011

Casual Chic

I'm still fascinated by the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  I can't get enough of all the media coverage, all the details of her dress, the wedding, the jewels, Pippa, Harry, the bridesmaids and pageboys, the crazy hats and fascinators (see here, so bizarre) - basically all of it!  I even purchased the Collector's Edition People magazine!  Did/does anyone else's mom have a drawer with important magazine covers?  To name a few, my mom had the Jackie Kennedy cover, the Challenger explosion cover, the Princess Diana cover.  Actually, as I type, I'm noticing that these are all really tragic news stories... All news worthy, sure, but kinda eery.  Maybe I'll start my own drawer, but I think I'll start with the fairy tale of these royal lovebirds :)  The magazine is on newstands now.

This week, it was "news" that the royal couple had returned to their normal lives, and that Kate was spotted grocery shopping at her local market.  This is all public knowledge, now, but I learned some fun new tidbits about her that I love.  Things of note:
  • She wears a ponytail holder around her wrist - glad I'm not the only one!  And, I wonder if her mom gripes at her about it like mine does me.  It drives my mom crazy!
  • She loaded her own groceries in her car, even though she had personal bodyguards with her - love that :)
  • She not only does her own shopping, but she cooks!  Supposedly, The couple will not be employing chefs, butlers, valets or any other type of help beyond their security detail.
  • They live in a 1500-square foot farmhouse!  Maybe my favorite detail.  In case you missed it, I hope to build my own farmhouse someday.
Here are some fun pictures of Kate on her grocery store run.  She looks sweet and happy.  As if I really know her...  :)

She is adorable.  Darling, and casually chic in her skinny jeans and ballet flats.  I wonder what was on her grocery list?!?  Maybe someday she'll author a cookbook - wouldn't that be awesome!

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